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Monday, Apr. 29, 2002
Im all buzzed on caffeine and have nothing to do. Im eating pretzels and drinking coffee from my new Black and Decker coffee pot. I just tried to call a friend whos down, but his line in TN is busy. These pretzels smell like melted butter. They smell better than they taste and they taste great so you can imagine how they smell.

We bought a digital camera from a pawn-shop over the weekend. Its a Sanyo CDS4100 and I just found them listed online for about $350 still. We paid $30. We got a good deal. There wasnt any software with it. ;-( But alaswe found it at www.rca.com And now were in business. I still have my Jam Cam I got sorta from "him" for Christmas but.this RCA has a view screen and its just the shit!

I just finished reading A trip to the Beach :Living on Island Time in the Caribbean Melinda & Robert Blanchard. It was awesome but I coulda done without their constant references to having lots of money. I mean they spent thousands on the supplies to build a beach restaurant thats not all that big. And they built it all themselves or so they say. (I have my doubts here) And when a hurricane destroys it all a year later they go back to Anquilla (rhymes with Vanilla) to rebuild it all. No mention of insurance or where the money came from. Whatever. Its a beautiful dream, but something got lost in the translation of this true story. I think humbleness got lost. But it was like taking a little trip to somewhere new and I never left my own Jacuzzi bathtub.

When I win the lottery, which Im sure I will. Its just a matter of time*grins* I will stay humble. And Ill give tons of money away. So be nice to me now. LMAO.

OkIm gonna go crawl into bed with the man and see if I can recall what we were doing 11 years ago..;-)

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