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Wednesday, Feb. 02, 2005
I have a change jar..container…can. I’ve always kept it. I don’t know why so much anymore. Suppose it’s the “hell my purse is heavy lately” avoidance. I do not like carrying a heavy purse. It reminds me of my estranged whackette mother. She carried everything around and then hid her purse behind the chair in the corner of the living room as if NO ONE knew that’s where it was. She put it there for the entire 19 years that I was subject to knowing her. How could anyone NOT know? So….lately I’ve been carrying a backpack as well. And with the added girth and weight of that monstrosity to my daily load, I have definitely started to empty my change into the jar/container more often lately. Sometimes when I’m feeling broke for whatever depressive idea, I tote my container/jar/can (whatever I’ve chosen at the time..) off to the CashStar machine at the local Winn Dixie. (the grocery store not the soon to be famous dog) Usually I net around $55 by the time I run off to the grocery store. I usually see this as freebie money that I can spend friviously even though I was motivated to rush to the CashStar money god machine by my impending poordom. One time I cashed in a jar of money that was later termed to be “joint” property by the man. Since he claimed to have put change in there himself. That almost ruined my $55 I am RICH again moment. Almost…but then we all know almost doesn’t count. It’s by far not a lot of money and if I saved my change in a huge massive sort of container and didn’t cash it in until it was as heavy as a camel in a desert where it just rained torrential downpour like, then I might have a windfall of cash that truly made me the Kristy Trump of the world. But I can never wait that long. I like my cash stash and more than that I like to spend paper money and to heck with the change. Since the incident where I prayed at the CashStar machine and offered the money gods the “joint” change and kept it allllll for myself, the man has started his own change collection separate from mine. Yes…he DID. I couldn’t believe it either.
My change container of choice lately is a Tupperware chef’s design container
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His change container (because it was freee…I’m sure) is a Folgers coffee container..his money smells like caffeine.
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A few minutes ago he rushed out to the bank and to get me coffee….as he was leaving out loud I told the dog “Daddy’s leaving…..as soon as he’s gone let’s steal us one dime baby girl…..just one Daddy dime…huh girl?” She immediately got all excited because she heard the Mommy talking to doggie voice…but….she doesn’t know a dime is a big big thing! And I said this to rag on him...for getting "his own" change jar! I also reminded him that in two years time he'll want me to share MY change jar with him.

Oh and since I’m Italian….and had a day off I ate this entire….cannoli myself yesterday.

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He did bring me coffee.....I gotta go sneak his dime back in his coffee plastic can now....*tip toe*


edit: adding first SNAP picture...from my awesome new little SNAP cam. This is Chloe in "dime stealing quick speed" mode. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
This is the view outside our living room window. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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