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deze peoeples cane't spelz white

Monday, Jan. 07, 2002
Co-worker misspellings so far today….

Cancell instead of cancel
Attetion instead of attention

My coworkers are so stoopid! Teehee…. And yeah…they say misspelling is a sign of intelligence but unless they start breaking out some badass poetry…..I think they’re just stooopid!

Dark wants me to call him….hmmm….and me boss is sitting RIGHT behind me! Grrrrr

Right now half the people I work with don’t drive or have cars. Goofy. I don’t know how they can live like that. How can an individual survive without wheels? I’m not transportation racist, but c’mon!! Then when lunchtime rolls around all I ever hear is ‘Where are you going?’ ‘Can you get me….?’ ARGH!!! FUCK OFF! Yeah I’m not the nice person I project on tv. I don’t like to be bothered by other peoples food needs. It sucks. I almost always manage to duck out before being detected. Haaaaaaaa!!

I would be writing my book right now on my laptop if husband hadn’t heisted it to take to work to show off. How did “my” laptop end up in his briefcase? I’m pissed. I’m going to put a password on it and that’s that!

I carry this little notebook around with me everywhere I go. I jot things in it constantly. Well I decided that it was ugly and not worthy to be pulled out of my backpack on a daily basis. So I got this little purple suede journal book and I started to transfer over all this stuff that’s in there. Argh…what a chore. After I do this, I am never changing notebooks again. Thank god there’s tons of pages in there. So for a week now I have been copying and ripping pages out of the crap looking notebook. I spend about an hour a day working on this chore. I dunno….I need a fucking life. All this hassle because I didn’t want to look like a freak writing in a skank notebook. I need help. Oh but my suede book…..very chic! You should see it.

My boss is still drilling holes into the back of my head with his eyes. Argh. I’m wondering big time what is up with Dark. He never asks me to call him. Never.

Oh one other thing, I confessed to “him” that I had another diary. He said “NO DON’T TELL ME…..READING YOUR WORDS MAKES ME CRAZY…PLEASE DON’T SAY ANOTHER WORD”. I don’t think he ever minded me having a diary. What he did mind was having to read my thoughts every day. I think that was just too much for him.

I haven’t gotten my digital camera yet. Hmmm…. Makes me wonder. I saw Bryan online last night and I didn’t give one flying fuck that I couldn’t speak to him. This is progress for me. I never know how to cut people that are bad for me off. This just changed. I did it.

Now you could walk right up to my head and put your face against it and drop a quarter in my ass crack and look straight through me. Thanks to my boss!

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I felt so lonely and I couldn’t go into Bucky’s room and watch him sleep til I felt beautiful inside again. I am starting to miss him. He’s comin’ home Wednesday night at 9:10 p.m. I talked to him last night and he said “Does Webster miss me?” What could I say except “of course …he was asking me where you went today.” To which I got a string of hysterical laughter to which I said “Websters busy writing you a letter right now or I’d let him talk to you on the phone.” Bucky again breaks down in hysterics but then stops midway and says “tell him to clean my room next!” What a smart kid!! I have already cleaned his room and bought him a new Harry Potter poster for his kick ass collection. Yeah…he’s spoiled.

I have a headache and I could crawl right under my desk and go right to sleep. Seriously I could.


All you can save is the love that we made
Leaves all scattered in the wind, thousand hearts and hopes within
Speaking slowly tattered tongues, chaos misspelling right and wrong
-Flower Power
12:43 p.m. ::
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