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Thursday, Jun. 20, 2002
It’s 79 and cloudy. Current outdoor humidity is 82%


Last night “he” told me that I could fix every problem that I could ever tell him about if I just did one thing.


I’m just too diffident for that. Way too diffident.


I had to call information for Providence, RI today. And then I realized…you don’t matter at all. Finally you glenn5 do not incite one single feeling within. Not one. In fact I am grateful it never developed into anything. That was a nightmare waiting to happen.


Re: Bad check to Save Webster

Husband took out a loan through work. He now will be paying $50 every two weeks for the next 9 months. And at the end of nine months, we will not have any baby to show for it. But he will not end up on probation nor will he have to pay the state their bullshit fee’s for looking at your face monthly.

I would like to state that I myself do not have a criminal record. Husband on the other hand collects ridicules felonies like I collect charms for my charm necklace. Last night I told Webster “Go thank Daddy for taking a bullet for you!” Webster promptly left his sanctum of the sunroom, walked across the dining room to the living where husband was lying on the marshmallow couch and licked his face as if he knew what I had just said. Husband told Webster, “no problem buddy!!” totally unaffected by his newly acquired felony.

Sometimes I wish I was unaffected by life’s shit like him. But I am affected by it all. If I got a felony yesterday I would have broke down crying violently. I’d have written a thousand “I hate the law” poems and dropped a gallon of caffeine laced with “real” sugar with snicker bars floating ontop.


To the “pee” brigade that has cropped up… thanks guys. Thanks for making me giggle beyond belief over something completely everyday dull.


Re: The Marshmallow Couch. We have off white leather furniture. “Bucky” calls them marshmallows. How cute.


ok..that’s enough for one day…besides I really have to go “pee”

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