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Thursday, Mar. 18, 2004
Ask and ye shall receive….yah….ye shall…

My Borders receipt, my Amazon order list from the other day….

My son’s picture is always right on top!!!

My favorite pens of the moment…shhh don’t tell b.f. where they are….

Below…(from left to right sorta….my checkbook…my pink address book, my wallet, a pack of Koolers gum, a bottle of Excedrin headache medicine, a nail file, a silver ring, a tube of nail glue, nail clippers, a pink strip of post it notes, a keychain that came attached to my purse, a tube of chapstick, handful of change (not enough for coffee!!) in the upper left there is a black tubelike bottle of peony perfume, a tube of Tums...a coupon for a free sandwich from McDonalds due to long wait at drive thru about 3 weeks ago....movie ticket stubs from date with b.f. and 3 business cards from former boss...I chucked those right after the photo opp. and one medium size white post it notepad...

My pink address book….

The inside of my moleskin notebook….writing prose…

This is so obvious and the only reason I don’t have a ton more is because I’m trying to ween myself and I clean my receipts out and meticulousy put them into a “March Receipts envelope once my transactions clear the bank.

Not that much junk is it??? Oh…that’s my toe in the lower left…teehee

One piece of advice before you dump out your purse on the floor to do this…mop floor…haaaaaaaa….

one last note...where the hell are my keys????? heyyyy honey do you know where my keys are????
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