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Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2004
Ok so all I ever do these days is work. I used to go to work and relax. I used to go to work and chat and update my diary. These days I go to work and damn it I work!!! And boy do I ever. I just workity work work and more damned work. And then when I'm done doing that I work some more. I've spent the last few weeks working for one part of the company (ie I actually work for two companies...remember??) and now I am venturing into the other company. This is great because I couldn't wait to get into that stuff. But on the other hand, I just learned the first portion of my job and here I am having to learn another. Now that I'm comfortable with my daily tasks, WHAM!!! Yup here's some new ones. I'm not complaining, however, because I'm not bored at work. I am actually having a good time. I'm just stating the obvious. I'm just working all day. I don't have time to check my email nor can I do much more than try to fit in a moment to relieve my bladder. This is no lie either. I rush from one set of multitasking chores to another and back again like a madwoman. It's nothing difficult, all things I am familiar with, it's just the jist of it all is ...I'm so busy it's a good thing I don't have to schedule in time to breath otherwise I'd just simply not have time to live.

I recently decided to try to find a book club to join. Perhaps something once a week to force me into the practice of reading the same book and discussing it as I read it. I haven't found anything suitable yet, but I'm looking.

My thoughts are pretty scattered and I'm rather excited because I'm actually writing this entry on my brand new from the store laptop. Brand new!! I've never much owned anything brand new and if I did I would have to say that panties and lipgloss items just don't measure up to saying you've bought something new. I see this as an investment since my desktop needs some updating and the like and I have had it since 1998 I'd say it's rather outdated when it comes to technology. But that's ok...despite it's issues, it has served me well. I took part of my income tax return and treated myself to a new laptop. I'm happy about this purchase. Something for me. :-) And damn it I work work work work workity work hard so I deserve it.

In other news,.....lately there is no other news. Just work. Did I mention I'm working my ass off yet? If not I have to multitask and make room in my entry to say that.

Last weekend my son and bf's nephew were both over. My son is 11 and his nephew is 13 and so they get along rather well together. It's nice for my son to have someone to play with and I think it's equally nice that it's bf's nephew and he in turn gets to see his uncle and also have someone more his age to play with.

Play...who has time to play? I have a large stack of books I want to read sitting there staring at me every morning and instead I rush off to work to get started on another whirlwind of business. When lunchtime rolls around (I usually leave for it about ten to fifteen minutes late...always in the middle of something I'm working on) I don't feel like doing anything but breathing in the sunshine and taking a long overdue breather. The last thing I want to do then is start to READ and comprehend anything more. Terrible really. The only thing I can hope for is that once I put forth all this effort etc I will become invaluable to the 3 man enterprise (myself being the 3rd man!) and I will get lots of accolades and mucho deniro. I can only hope. If nothing else I can certainly proclaim that I had 2 jobs and 1 paycheck and 5 positions worth of duties. But then again brownie points never paid for dinner on the table in my life.

Ok I think it's sufficient to say that my laptop works nicely and the keyboard is nice and well designed and HP did a nice job of it. Yah and I deserve to have some luxurys. Besides, who can be happy without a kickass computer????

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