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theft!?! can you help me?

Friday, Nov. 10, 2006
I sent this email to my co-workers per my supervisory directive.

My Ipod shuffle was left behind on my desk while I attended our recent XTH training this week. It was lying outside of its case I carry it in on top of my desk. The case is a cheap purple plastic soap holder and the Ipod is the shuffle model. I also keep my red “thumb drive” in the same purple case.

When I returned to my desk after the 1 hour long training with my peers the entire case, thumb drive and Ipod Shuffle were gone.

I have hunted through my desk, my filing cabinets, and through my vehicles and my home in the hopes that it was simply misplaced. But I am 100% sure that the items were left on my desk prior to leaving it for XTH training.

If you locate my items or know where they are, please be so kind as to return them as they are very valuable to me. They were both gifts from my husband.

Thank you

All night I have hunted fruitlessly and probably stupidly for items that were so obviously stolen. I don’t think they will ever show up or be returned. I have very little hopes for that. At one point I just sat down and bawled my eyes out at the insanity of it all. The mean spirited nature of theives...

I have been currently saving for that pair of glasses for my son and therefore am unable to replace my own items anytime soon. Both of these items are used by myself for school purposes. I downloaded school lectures on my Ipod shuffle (it was the cheapest model they sold…the 512b shuffle…) I also used the thumb drive for school purposes. Both of these items are going to be sorely missed and seeing as I’m saving for my son’s pair of glasses….I decided to ask for help. This is not easy for me to do, however I am so disillusioned with the world I live in to think that someone (someone that knows me even…) would steal from me. Both of these items were gifts from Rick and that just makes the feeling of unlawful invasion into my world feel that much worse.

I have an upcoming doctor's appointment looming whereby I may be told that I will be out of work for 6 weeks with no pay. I can't possibly replace these stolen items in the near future at all. Please help me balance out my world right now. I never know how to admit that I need help. But this time around...I do.

If you do nothing else...send me some good vibes and thoughts. Thanks!

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