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Friday, Sept. 30, 2005

She's NOT KristyK but....Deborah and I used to share an office prior to TonyMac coming aboard.  We worked together for 2 weeks and then she moved on to another job elsewhere.  We know each other but didn't get much time to get to know each other.  She was recommended by another co-worker of mine that got the chance to really get to know her.  Today I got her quote and the good news is in:


Photography Quote

Event: Saturday November 26th, 4:30 pm



2 rolls professional grade black and white film,

36 Exposure $15.

Four 5 x 7 hand printed: $33.

Frame for 5 x 7s: $30.

Misc. photo book: $25.

4 x 6 picture development: $25.

Travel expense to and from shoot (gas): $18.

Cost of materials: $146.

Materials + time, assembly, and delivery: $290.

(Double Materials)


Payment Plan Schedule (cash or check please)

$50. Oct. 15th

$100. Day of shoot

$140. Delivery of pictures (Monday Dec. 19th)


Frame Design

(to give me ideas of what you like):


Frame Color: BlackWhiteTanMetalGold

Style: Clean/SimpleOrnate/Decorative


What is your favorite flower?


What are your favorite three colors?

(in order)





Describe the décor of the room that the frames

will be hanging in:





What do you want to remember most about

your special day?






And then when I asked her about procuring the negatives….

I was told:


OOH Kristy, good question. I know wedding photographers charge

around $100.00 for them-but that is too insane!!! I will charge $20.00

to cover costs of time and materials for archival negative preservers,

and I'll put it in a binder so you can get re-prints done or

enlargements in the future.


I wanted to cry out in glory…… “Deborah rocks!”

And let it be known that Deborah won an art award for her artistic photography.I told her I wanted 4 nice 5 x 7 photos for my wall. Something I could love love love. Artistic shots..no lined up photos…no “say cheese” photos and NOOOOOOOO lame photos.She said, “In other words I can be an artist at your wedding?”I said, “YESSSSSSS YESSSSS”

I’m so happy about this affordable quote and wonderful person to do this task…I could spit sugar candy!

And I feel like a new-born
And I feel like a new-born (kicking and screaming)

Could you take my picture
Cause I won't remember


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