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Friday, Jun. 11, 2004
Last night I got an email from my bestest’estest friend Carla. She’s truly my friend. She’s been a part of my life for so long I can’t remember a “before” Carla. She’s honest and never lies to me. She says things straightforward and brutal if necessary but I love her for that quality. And she’s the polar opposite of me. She doesn’t think with all her female gushy emotions, she thinks logically and straight as an arrow. She’s college educated and the most brilliant female I know (outside of myself of course). She exercise’s and takes care of herself and has had tons of good advice about my new lifestyle of taking care of myself. She encourages me like no other. I have always known that she’s my true friend because she never once told me “you big fat dummy why’d you do that?” but instead encouraged me to overcome and move on.

I recall once when my son was an infant I was up mid morning feeding him and saw a news report of a fire that occurred in St Johns Newfoundland and I freaked. I called her parents at 4 a.m. to see if everyone was ok. It was truly at that moment that I realized how much I love her and have come to rely upon her never-ending invaluable friendship. We used to write notebook long letters to each other, letters that took one month to write. Then one month to mail off and receive. I still recall the first time I heard her Canadian accent and the excitement of that moment as though it were yesterday.

I’ll never forget her walking off the plane and how wonderful it was to just fall into place next to her as though it were the most natural thing ever. Everyone said it was “dorky” to have a penpal. “Dorky” and a “waste of time”. What idiots they were. But to think I used to be a whiney 14 yr old telling her all about the boy in class I had a crush on all the way through marriage, childbirth and beyond…it’s amazing. I’m going to have to save my money and plan a trip to Toronto soon because…

Carla has truly taught me what friendship is all about. Last nights email was about my desire to join a book club. She recommended “The Power of One” to me yet again. I don’t think she realizes just how many times she’s recommended this book to me. I immediately felt so guilty because she’s recommended it lots of times and so today I’m going to go and buy it. And then I’m going to actually read it. (and have YOU ever seen just how thick that book is???)

Hey Carla…I know you’re reading …thanks for the last 20 years of friendship…eh? (grin) I love you girl! Oh and yah I’m really sorry about the Tampa Bay Lightening kicking your Cannucks. Yah like real sorry….LMFAO!!!

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