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Saturday, May. 20, 2006
Recently I was thinking about someone from my past. I did a photo shoot last weekend of a few of my favorite things. This item made me really think about someone from my past and miss her deeply. I wrote about the item’s significance to me…. The woman who watched my son as a child had a daughter near my own age, Caryn. Caryn and I were friends for quite awhile during that time and even kept in touch after I moved to Florida. And then somewhere along the way I tried to call her one day and her number was disconnected. It was around the time my own life was falling apart with my ex-husband and I was saddened by it but also distracted by life. I’ve tried over a dozen times to find her number or her parent’s number to no avail.

Tonight I got a phone call from a Pennsylvania area code. Yes you guessed it….it was Caryn. The conversation went like this…

Me: Hello

Female voice: hello is this Kristy?

Me: yes

Female voice: Kristy (former last name)??

Me: Yes but I’m not Kristy (former last name) anymore…I’m now Kristy (new name!)

Female voice: Oh well this is Caryn (new last name) I’m not Caryn (old last name) anymore

The conversation then lasted over 3 hours and right now I am really a happy camper to know that she’s alive and well and remarried and about to give birth to her 5th child…2nd one to the 2nd marriage and her mother (my son’s former daycare provider) is ok too. Amazing!! She had breast cancer during the time that she retired and I moved to Florida.

I haven’t seen Caryn since my son was 5 years old. That’s 8 years ago. She used to care for him while I worked….but more than that we were real friends from the start. I was sooo happy to hear from her and I’m now amazingly thinking hard about going back home to PA.

I was equally thrilled to find out that her parents still have the place in the woods where we used to hang out and make wreaths from real grapevines pulled from the property. And even sweeter than that she said, “you need to come up and spend a week with us hanging out at the cabin.” My ears heard it…my heart felt it…my soul sighed with contentment.

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