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Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2004
I used to have a bitch boss at my last position. While I sorta liked the job, I never liked her. Her initials were C.F. and she always wrote me these ridiculas notes that started “K –“ and ended with “C.F.” Her name was Cindy. I always thought it was so impersonal that she would write “K and C.F.” like we were numbers and not real people when it was just her and I and her husband who ran the counterpart company. It bugged the fuck outta me and so when I saw that trademark C.F. I always thought to myself “cuntface”. This is not kind…but it is my reality at my last job.

Last night at the U. we split a class so that the students would each have a better education, ie. More one on one time with the professor. I have never been witness to this procedure and so….I had difficulty entering information for the splitsville class. I left a roster and a note for my wonderful boss who I call by her first name but refer to as R. here. I really love R. The R. I’m marrying and the R. I work for at the U. Are you confused yet, well R.U.?

So…this morning I got a note along with the Roster on my desk. I love R. my boss. She started with a friendly and personable “hi Kristy” and drew me a smiley face and never even signed the note….as I know she’s R.E. and so she doesn’t have to tell me.

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We’re on a one on one basis around here at the U. Friendly and kind and all things wonderful. If she did sign it R.E. I’d be thinking “really entertaining” because she cracks me up immensely. My note reads (Hi Kristy, This was an X group, not an A group :-). That’s why you couldn’t find it in Campus Tracking. Plz sign both and file. I’ve entered attendance.) So she’s friendly, helpful…informative and she gave me a smiley face.

Later on today I sent her an email telling her I assigned a room to a student for study time. She replied back “I don’t care.” Of course this is tongue in cheek humor from her. She later asked me to search down something for someone else, to which I replied “I don’t care.” She replied back with a “ha ha ha you got me :-)” Two smileys in one day? My fucking boss at the U. rocks out. I love her.

I’ll never get dooced! by my boss for talking about her on my website. Never! Because the truth is I really dig her.

Someday soon I’ll tell ya why I love my other boss at the construction company too. But mostly it’s because she loves the smell of permanent black marker as much as I do and she lets me use one weekly for a “task-related” reason. :-)

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