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i mentally challenge someone?

Monday, Jul. 22, 2002
can you tell i like talking to T? Its near 4 a.m. and i was still talking to him...

Me: i don't know what i want

Me: but I do know this much

Me: I like you

Me: I like you alot

Me: and it's not your face anymore

Me: its this person that's just plain fun

Me: just plain real

T: some say just plain dull

Me: stop that T

Me: I never said that

Me: it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says

Me: I like you

Me: quit trying to talk me out of it

T: because my idea of a good time is walking through the forest


Me: I'd love to go with you.

T: I know that I can't talk you out of it...

T: because you type faster than me!

T: :-)

Me: hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Me: ok let me tell you something

Me: i like you so much it scares me

Me: it makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing

Me: i'm fallin for a guy that didn't see his own parents in 7 years


T: hey...I got busy

T: errr.

T: ummm....

T: yeah...

Me: thats' not my point

T: that whole Bosnia thing thats it

Me: lol

Me: its just that in such a short period of time..

Me: uh...

Me: nevermind

T: I understand

Me: you do?

Me: I don't even

T: You wonder....

T: what is going to happen in the future...

T: and stuff like that?

Me: i wonder why the hell I'm setting myself up to get hurt

T: that is a tough one....

Me: *shrugs*

T: do you know one of things that I like about you...

Me: *shrugs* what?

T: it seems like you are always trying to...

T: mentally challenge me...

Me: really?

T: does that make any sense?

T: or am I just babbling

Me: i don't know maybe I do but I'm not trying

we lost the connection....the connection is bad from Afghanistan...

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