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Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2003
Something I just wrote to sandy
in an email…

“I agree. Maybe you have to go through hell, hurt someone else sometimes...to be true to yourself and find happiness.

I used to hate my ex. Now he and I talk and someday we'll be friends, not enemy’s. And I'm happy now...so maybe pain is a price for happiness???”

I still have no clue about love. I just know that sometimes you think your whole world is ending when in fact it is just beginning. Sometimes you think that you’ll never find something and then it pours itself all over you the minute you stop looking. Sometimes you have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring, but it’s a far cry better than any of your yesterdays. I’m at a place where I know loss and gain at the same time. I know change, I no longer fear change, I am changing, and yet…some part of me has remained..remained beautifully the same.

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