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Monday, Apr. 05, 2004
My ex left the area without informing me. He left my son with his visiting parents. This is a major violation of our custody agreement. If he has to be out of the area for any purpose he must report that absence to me and if anyone other than himself will be watching my child for more than 24 hours I must give my permission to said other person.

I found this out by trying to return my son’s phone call to his own cell phone and not reaching him and then trying my ex’s number and inadvertently reaching my former mother in law (ie. Bitch!)

Our agreement states that if he leaves I am to receive my son immediately and his belongings are to be transferred to me until or unless his father returns.

Former mother-in-law is the same women who would not tell me that my son was alive and well when ex kidnapped him and took him out of the state a few years ago and she knew very well that my son was fine and on his way. So I calmly told her that the custody paperwork clearly states she must turn my son over to me, and I will be coming by to retrieve his belongings so he can attend school and furthermore he will be with me until his father can show his face and pick him up himself. Period.

She stammered but finally said, “I don’t want any court problems, very well.” .

Ha! What comes around goes around. All of this because my ex could not call and inform me of his whereabouts in relation to my son’s well being and whereabouts.

This weekend I allowed my son to return early to spend time with his grandparents…nice thank you my ex gives in return! I'm always the nicer one and sometimes like today I'm just over it and instead I'm doing what we originally agreed upon ...nice or not nice. His parents can sit alone for 3 days....that's no payback for the 21 I spent worried....but it's the court order and it's what was agreed upon and my ex violated that agreement...its his bad..not mine.
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