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Saturday, Nov. 30, 2002
Ya know, its not what he looks like or the fact that he has his head screwed on straight, although I don’t mind those things, it is more that I can talk to him endlessly about writing, music, business, movies, childhood, friends, work, television, everything! Yesterday we musta talked for an hour about grocery shopping and these insane plastic tags that our stores want us to carry around to get the best prices. They are plastic things you put on your keychain that designate you a “member” of some secret “get your groceries cheaper” society. I hate them and refuse to carry them and every time I go into those stores, I say I lost it and they make me fill out a new application, I put a fake name etc on there and they hand me the plastic again, they scan it, I get my groceries cheaper and then I leave the plastic thing behind.

I hate those sorts of insane “let us track your spending habits” things. “He” informed me that I am doing a great injustice and should get my plastic and be nice to the poor girl working retail. He made me feel badly. I said, “But I don’t want that plastic shit on my Winnie the Pooh key chain!” He said, “get a different keychain for those cards and only carry them in when you go shopping. I said, “yeah with a thousand plastic fobs on there and bang it down on the counter with a loud THUNK and let them find their own plastic shit!” hahahahhahaha…

He thinks being nice to the cashier is important because her job sucks, but he readily admits that he harasses fellow shoppers that are unsure of what they want to purchase. My feeling is if you don’t like being a cashier, don’t be one. I’ve never been one. I would hate it. But regular shoppers are, well why be mean to your fellow shopper just because they aren’t sure what toothpaste to buy?

The more I think about this issue, I think I am going to be extremely nice to the cashiers, and I am going to collect those plastic key chain fobs and get a special key chain just for them, but I’m going to be nice to all the shoppers around me too. I’m just going to be nice during my shopping experiences from beginning to end.

I need to get better at shopping because I hate it. I hate pushing the cart, I always get the one with a squeaky wheel, or my stuff falls through the top of the cart to the bottom, and I always forget something. I need to invest some organization into my grocery forays since someday I’ll have to do it all the time.

Maybe I can talk “him” into a crash course. He LIKES to shop. *rolls eyes*

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