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Sunday, Oct. 27, 2002
For all the people who ask and ask and ask…the chick up there in the bathtub is Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream. It is a scene where she is having withdrawal symptoms from drugs. Two reasons for that photo. The color scheme worked with the layout colors. And I really dig Jennifer Connelly. She’s not only beautiful but she can actually act unlike Jennifer Aniston. If you click on archives there’s a picture of her in “Waking the Dead” my absolute favorite movie she did. I love that movie. And the book is far better.

I relate to that picture I supposed because when it’s all said and done all we as humans ever have is ourselves. We cope and endure and go on. Sometimes we fall. I think people are afraid to admit their weaknesses. It is my belief that if we can admit to them and face them, we are truly stronger than those that are in denial. That movie is wonderful to me because it is multi layered and has a thousand things to be said if you pay attention. Most people just see a movie about drug addiction. Far more to that film than meets the eye. The picture I previously had there was also of Jennifer laying on the couch from the same movie.

Lastly and totally unrelated…. I bought this book on a whim a few days ago and I’m so damn impressed by it. I can’t say why. It’s all over the place but then again its not. There’s tons of sex in it, but written in such a way that you feel that you are within this girls body while these scenes are played out. The book is “Rip-Off Red Girl Detective and The Burning Bombing of America” by Kathy Acker. I later did some research about her and she’s deceased. I read the entire first part Rip-Off Red (124 pages) in 2 hours while lying in my jacuzzi bath tub. I kept filling the bathtub back up with hot water so I could stay right there. I didn’t want to be interrupted. Now I can’t say that the story was orgasm for the brain but something about the way she puts words together was very engaging. Sad to say, but I bought the book because I liked the cover and the first 10 pages grabbed me. I drove back to the bookstore today and they have no other Kathy Acker so I’ll be searching the web later. I did however find this about … Kathy Acker.

Perhaps I’m the last to get on the Acker bandwagon. Perhaps you already know who she is, but if nothing else I believe she’s someone the world should be aware of.

Lastly might I suggest “Willy Porter – Six Degrees” This CD is killer. Well written songs with melodys and some kick ass guitar playing. I bought it after listening to part of it, but I’m addicted. It’s the sort of CD you can put on and almost forget about and then you hear a nice riff and it grabs your attention. If you dig Neil Diamond, this CD reminds me of that type of basic good songwriting style. If you just want to download something off the net try “If Love were an Airplane”. It’s a great song. Read a Willy Porter article.

You can listen to clips of his new CD right here…

Keep in mind I get paid jack for having these opinions. And also keep in mind that I bought “Rock Springs by Richard Ford” today because of Tod Goldberg’s opinion. If he’s nervous to interview Richard then I have to read Mr. Ford myself.

One last thing, Starbucks has hot apple cider and its like drinking liquid apple pie and I have that on high authority from my apple delicious son, even though I never tried it. Starbucks hasn’t cut him a check either!

But I think I want this… cup to drink my latte from.

yeah right! the cheesy music, the bigness, near $100 for a cup? The world is fucked.

Tod said, "I'm happy to sign photos, checks, books, and snoopy suitcases. Mail all correspondence to: (address deleted) and include postage and a note saying, hey, give this to tod!" A snoopy suitcase now signed by tod? ...how can one object possibly make me get more wet?


A new love to be
Stronger than sin at one time
To break a good heart
Is surely a crime
-Willy Porter
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