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Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2003
Tonight I’m picking Bucky up from daycare and he’s spending the night with me! YeaHHH!!! :-)
I just got an email from Blue Joules telling me they are “taking some time off”. Does that mean they are “breaking up”? BOOOO!!!!!! :-(
Tomorrow Rick is working daylight and so he’ll be around tomorrow night. YeaHHHH!!!! :-)
Tonight Rick is working… BOOOO!!!!!
I have a headache, I can’t seem to regulate this Zoloft so that I skip the headache everyday. BOOO!!!! :-(
By the time I make it to Seminole and pick up the kiddo the headache will be long gone. YeaaaHHHH!!! :-)
I’m hungry for sushi but I don’t have the $$$$ to buy sushi. BOOO!!!!!! :-(
I’m hitting the Wendy’s 99 cent menu instead. YeaHHHHH for cheap yummy food!!!!! :-)
I’m reading “Heavier than Heaven” and it’s very good. YeaHHH..oops I mean…BOOO…cause I already know how it’s gonna end and it’s gonna be sad….BoooOOOOO!!!! :-(
Last night I did an inventory of my books and I’m so happy to find out that I didn’t lose any of my books during the split. YeaaHHHHHH!!!! :-)
I realize I’ll probably not live long enough to read em all… BOOOOOO :-(
I think tonight I’ll get drug to the swimming pool all evening. We always have fun there. YeaaaHHHH!!!!
Time for me to go…. BOOOO!!!!!
Ok so that got redundant fast eh? Quit booing over there!!

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