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Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2004
I cannot even begin to explain or tell anyone how damned cool it is to find someone who loves her min pin so much she spends a half hour writing about him and sending it to me so that I can smile for an hour. And for that reason and almost that reason alone I’m posting her baby’s awesome’est photo. This is Chewie and I believe he has now been deemed Chloe’s Internet lover. Even if he knows nothing about her and she knows nothing about him. I have said it and so it is now so.
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He’s taller than her and her and I have talked and we both like our men to be taller. He’s quite handsome and already I can tell he’s friendly and approachable. And I myself am totally head over heels in love with his unclipped ears…so very damn cutie.
After hearing all about Chewie I find that he’s quite a lot like Chloe and that they might just fall in love. I plan to show her his photo but I’m already very sure that once I tell her about him using my Chloe-only voice, she’ll go along with my plans for puppy love, heck she’d follow me into the depths of hell if I just used my “mommy luvs her baby girl” voice over. Unfortunately Chewie is somewhat older than Chloe and therefore he cannot father any puppies, but Chloe is a very needy dog in the area of attention and I’m sure that Chewie can keep her busy if given the chance, therefore all parties could potentially be happy and besides Internet love is all about the wantin’ not the havin’.
I was planning on getting Chloe those cutsie wootsie pajamma’s but now I might have to look for a Puppystyle Victoria Secret lacey deal. Besides, I hear they’re stuff doesn’t get caught up in the cracks. :-) Chewie’s people Mommy is a diarylander….(fuzzy-grey) and she lubs Chewie with the same wild abandon that I love Chloe with and yah in my book that’s just amazin’ and makes me grin from ear to ear. She also wrote to me and said “Chloe is such a beautiful little princess!!! I love her so much already!!!” awww…. Now how can I have no love for Chewie’s people Mommy after that prop to my Chloe’ness? Impossible I tell you!!

I was really starting to think I was the only one that could honestly say I love my little Chloe’ness wayyyy too much-like. But then again, what is too much really?

And I too was never a “dog” person. But then again, Chloe is not a dog. She’s an entity all unto her own. Rick gave me the bestest ever Birthday present and I already know he’ll never top that gift again in life. Never!


About a week ago I got a msg on my cellphone from my son that went like this… “Hey Mommy it’s me. I was just at Seven 11 and I saw these two guys and the one guy had a dog and it was sitting in the front seat and she looked just like chloe and it even acted like chloe, it was so cool. I was about to walk away but I just turned around and stared at it for a second. It just reminded me of you so I wanted to give you a call.”

I still know what he said because I’ve been saving that message, it’s so sweet and so encompasses two of the three most precious things in my life and just how joyful they are. :-)
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