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Thursday, Sept. 22, 2005
Last week I bought 4 ceramic containers that look like Chinese take out boxes complete with the metal handles. I bought a blue one, an orange one and a black one for my house. I bought an additional one for work that well..here it is.

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Yesterday Tonymacaroni picked it up and said “oh how kewl…what’s in there?” And low and behold it was empty and he was :-(

But today…today is a new day…..yummy gummy’ness….

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I really want this lunchbox…but every time I think of it and look it’s always on backorder. :-( Wait..I did find it a few different places but I hate buying stuff onlime from unfamiliar sources.

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Check out this lamp I found on amazon.... it's great. The chopsticks are movable and the symbols represent words of course. Sooo cute. I must have one!

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