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chocolate souffle

Sunday, Jan. 04, 2004
poetical: hey guess what I made

bry: dunno

poetical: a chocolate souffle

bry: you did?

bry: wowsers kwisty!

bry: was it good?

poetical: yes

poetical: it didn't rise as much as I would have liked...but it was good...and it was my first one

poetical: i think because I was crazy busy trying to do all the steps and forgot to preheat the oven ...so it sat too long after I folded in the eggwhites

bry: what possessed you to do a soufflé,?

poetical: um....

poetical: well...i went to big lots to buy some cookie sheets because I was craving chocolate ....i figured chocolate cookies would do it....I bought some great cookie sheets for 1.99 each......but while there I saw this chocolate cookbook for 99 cents and there was this recipe for a souffle in there next to a 1.99 5 quart souffle dish....so voile'

bry: lol

bry: you is so funny

bry: on a chocolate binge huh?

poetical: yes

poetical: i was craving chocolate for a week now

poetical: annnd...it was hot and ooey gooey

bry: the soufflé,?

poetical: yes

bry: hmmmmm

bry: kwisty the chocolate fiend.......lol

poetical: i dunno

poetical: but i did pretty good on it

bry: i'm impressed

poetical: not bad for the first time...and a less than decent oven...i blame it on the oven...teehee

bry: hmmmmm

bry: can you make chocolate chip cookies?

poetical: of course...those are easy

poetical: much easier than whipping egg whites

poetical: and "folding"

poetical: folding is this scary procedure

bry: scary?

poetical: i can fold clothes....i can fold paper...i can even fold in a card game

poetical: but....fold fluffed up egg whites into hot chocolate without losing fluffiness.....SCARY!!!

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