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christmastime at channelside

Saturday, Dec. 09, 2006
Yesterday Rick told me we could go out the next day. That day was today. We got home just a little while ago. I certainly need a new camera…..my battery door on my HP is weak and falls open. Tonight we lost a battery midway through the night and my camera takes rather shitty photos at night. Or perhaps it took me awhile to figure out how to get the best shots out of it. Either way, I crave a new digital camera.

We went out to dinner, grabbed some coffee, walked the streets and went to see the movie “The Holiday”. We also took some photos together in a photo booth and overall had a great time. I love nothing more than a night spent with Rick. I love holding hands with that boy like no other. I love the way he runs his fingers under my fingernails. No one’s ever done that before him….and when he does it…I feel so safe. It sounds odd…but it’s bliss in my world.

We grabbed hot mocha’s and saw the decorations and even were snowed on by the Channelside snow machines.

Cruise Terminal #2 Channelside

When I first moved to Florida from Pennsylvania I thought it was so weird that everyone decorated grass and palm trees. Nowadays this place totally feels like home sweet home and the sights of the palm tree lights makes me so happy inside.

Love when they decorate the palm trees this way!!

I even convinced Rick to get into one of these with me….

Photobooth in Channelside

Where we did this…..


The first pic

Me: smile honey!
Him: Is it ready? Oops…

The second picture
Me: Kiss me honey!

The third picture
Him: I’m kissing you
Me: what?

The fourth picture
Him: How many are there?
Me: I dunno…oops…

A few months ago me and the kidlet did this one and I finally found time to scan it in….

me and the kid

Me: Lets smile nice and then makes faces!
Him: Ok!!

I love photobooths… the first strip is my hair tamed down...the second is my hair all curly and wild and too long.

I had a great time tonight with my husband. It was nice to have a day of no studying and no homework and no school….and all Rick. More pics over in my flickr... I also bought myself a new ring and a pair of earrings. I would show you pictures but I lost that one damned battery over the bannister at Channelside.

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