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Thursday, Mar. 24, 2005
Today I had my interview that I spoke about earlier this week. The interview was the first thing I did when I arrived at work at 11:30 a.m. I’m wearing a brand new spring suit. It’s tan cotton, has a jacket and matching trousers (I only use the word trousers to describe pants that have a matching jacket, why do I do that?) and I wore a pink top underneath and my brand new pink shoes. I felt good physically/appearance wise.

But more importantly I felt strong as a person, strong as a woman with a mission, and strong as a great candidate for the open position. When asked why I felt I was the best candidate for the position, I responded by stating, “I’m sure there are other great candidates and who’s to say who is the best amongst the greatness, however I am a great candidate because I want the job, not only because I want to obtain it but because I want to achieve great things once I am given the opportunity to do so.”

The interviewer asked me a series of questions that the U. sets forth for her to ask. All the while jotting down notes without looking down at her piece of paper or her hand. (I want to learn that trick, immediately!) I know the interviewer as I’ve worked here for quite some time and have had dealings with her prior to today. One time being when she once had a major migraine and I offered to go pick up her medicine for her. Another time when she had a particularly difficult student and I expressed my acknowledgement of how great she handled the situation. Both of those instances were positive ones.

However, today when speaking to her (for an entire hour!) she asked me what event took place in my life that has served to remold the person that I previously thought I was prior to it’s happening.

Oh, I could have said, “the night my mother kicked me out and left me homeless.” I could have said, “The night I busted my ex-husband helping his whore crawl half naked out of the window” or perhaps I could have said, “the day the doctor told me I would not be taking my newborn son home with me”

I could have said a lot of things but what did I say?

“The event that has most changed who I am was clearly my divorce.”


“Because it freed me to become who I wanted to be for myself rather than who I was expected to be for other people.”

“Can you expound on that?”

“I used to put other people first and I thought I was a great person for doing that. However, I have come to learn that by putting myself last I was robbing other’s of much.”

Robbing them of what?

“Robbing them of knowing me as a happy, strong and well balanced person who is living life to the fullest and achieving goals as well as simply being in tune with who I really am.”

Of course we went on to speak about my current list of responsibilities, the fact that I had two jobs, and the fact that I always explain my decisions to my son and believe that once people have all of the information they usually succumb to a greater level of understanding.

We also spoke about how people see other successful people and want what they have, but they don’t always want the sacrifices and the work that must happen to get to that same level of success.

During the interview she mentioned a book to me, telling me that a lot of my personal beliefs and ideals and goals were very similar to this book she had once read.

Later after the interview she kindly emailed me the title of the book.

The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield.

I will be buying that book pronto.

I hope to do it with the substantial raise I stand to gain if I am chosen for the position. But like I told her, if I’m not chosen, that will not stop me. I plan to go places, do things, and achieve things. If I can’t get in the front door, I will crawl through a crack in the window pane if need be.

My favorite line to use in an interview…..

“If I ever had to clean toilets for a living, I would hate to leave work for the day and overhear my boss telling someone else ‘gee that Kristy…she can’t even clean a toilet right!” Meaning that if you chose to do a job, do the best you can. It is not the level of the job that matters, it is the quality of the work you can produce at any level that does.

Corny? Yah probably…but they always love it.
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