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Monday, Jan. 02, 2006
Over the last few days I have cleaned and cleaned and straightened and straightened. Insanely…..and yet there’s many tasks left to do.

But behold the new bookcase…..Rick put it together for me. Reason #567,231,134,343 I pick Rick.

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Also….I bought this little French style bench today to put my shoes on. Well not really…I bought it purely because I fell in love with it and it was 19.99. After I got home I figured I’d try it out as a shoe spot. If that doesn’t work out I’ll put it on the patio with some nice plants on top. We’ll see.

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There are more photo updates in my Flickr. I even cleaned the bathroom today. Woohoooooooo....it smells like bleach in there. ahhhhh....

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The man bought me flowers…after I had a major melt down on New Years Eve….one things for sure he does listen to me….even when I think he’s not. :-) Thank you honey….I love them...and I love you!
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