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Monday, Sept. 01, 2003
Just in case your reading Alice in Wonderland, here are my first fifteen questions based on the first 3 chapters. Bryan and I decided to read the first 3 chapters at a time. Tomorrow I'll post the answers.

1. What color are the rabbit’s eyes?

2. How many pictures are in the book Alice’s sister is reading?

3. What did the rabbit take out of his pocket?

4. What was labeled orange marmalade?

5. What did Alice eventually land on?

6. How many legs does the table have?

7. Why did Alice wish to be smaller?

8. What did Alice do when she could no longer reach the key?

9. Alice didn’t fall into the ocean, what did she fall into?

10. What was swimming next to Alice?

11. What does the mouse think will get them all dry?

12. What did Alice give as prizes?

13. What is Alice’s cat’s name?

14. Did the mouse finish his long tail?

15. Did anyone understand the mouse's tail?

Didn't do much today, just checked out the help wanted ads and washed the sheets and comforters from the bed, the rug from the bathroom and all of my clothes and towels. Tomorrow I have a few places to call about jobs, man I hope I find one soon, I'm going crazy with worry and boredom.

I can't wait until Rick gets home, I just want to snuggle up against him. I'm wondering if I ask him to snuggle with me if he'll want to as much as I want to.

I do not miss my last job. I don't miss it at all. I was bored, and I was a little over it. But I do want a new job with challenge and more money. Cross your fingers for me.

This weekend Bucky came over. He bought Chloe some doggie clothes. A white t-shirt with pink words that say "Snow Princess" and some kewl looking silkie like pants. There's a hole in the butt for her tail. Too cute. She looks killer cute and quite funny too. But she allows you to dress her up and she leaves it all alone for a little while. He wrote me a note along with the wrapped package of clothes for Chloe. I think it's the best part. It reads...

Dear Mom,

Heres some clowy cloths for clowy. They say princess on them just like you like. It will match to your princess keychain



How damn cute is that? The Love, Bucky part is drawn in a different font. It's so cute when he does that. He has quite neat handwriting for a kiddo.


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