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Friday, Mar. 11, 2005
Just for dukkha-tanha because, well because she knows why…
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….also like to mention that that is Barnie’s coffee….the 2nd best to Starbucks…or is it first? Much like yankee is interchangeable with Partylite! :-)

Also because last night at IHOP I told the man about a certain entry about Peter Brady/Christopher Knight causing penis rubbing elsewhere and to my chagrin he told me “It’s funny that you get hot over Christopher Knight and I get hot over that actress chic that’s chasing him!”

I can’t get hot from that show anymore knowing that latter info…

And yessss…that is a picture of the inside of my fridge….mostly empty but I doooo have coffee and candles.

And to prove my obsessiveness over both coffee and candles…I even own a coffee embedded coffee scented candle. I HAVE NOT lit it yet….god forbid! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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