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Thursday, Jan. 17, 2002
I love this about him....

Him: let me tell you something stupid

Him: change of subject

Me: k

Me: go

Him: ok

Him: hmm

Him: lets seee.

Him: ok there was this guy

Him: and he got up took a shower and got ready for work

Him: typical day

Him: this guys work wasnt too far from home so he walked

Him: he was 2 blocks from work

Him: when all of a sudden

Him: he saw something that was coming after him

Him: he looked again

Him: and it was a huge coffin

Him: it was bouncing up and down and making its way to the guy

Him: the guy about shit his pants

Him: he dropped his bag

Him: and ran

Him: the coffin kept coming after him

Him: he ran right back to his house

Him: he came to the door and very nerviously unlocked it and ran inside his house

Him: he looked out the window

Him: and sure enough the huge coffin was still coming after him

Him: the coffin

Him: went straight up the stairs

Him: and broke his front door down

Him: and kept coming after him

Him: the guy panicked

Him: and ran into the bathroom

Him: the coffin started to beat on the door

Him: harder and harder against the door

Him: and broke the bathroom door down

Him: the guy was terrified for his life

Him: he looked around

Him: for something to throw

Him: he grabbed the robitussen

Him: an threw it at the coffin

Him: and all of a sudden

Him: the coffin stopped


Him: lmao

Me: oh geez

Him: want to know something

Me: lol

Me: what?

Him: i made that shit up just to keep you from typing fast

Me: lol

Him: it worked

Him: look at all the lines i got in

his sense of humour....

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