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Thursday, Aug. 22, 2002
Do you know how many lifetimes of hell I have lived through just wanting to get to a lifetime with you? I wanna tell you something lots of times I haven't even come to you lots of bad shit has happened and I never told you because I know when I hurt...it hurts you too i have no desire to feed my pain and make it big enough to hurt you but I want to tell you something we had a conversation once..about the colorado skys you told me what they looked like what the air felt like thin and crisp your voice... I remember how beautiful your voice was telling me when it all hurts....and I don't come to you.. i remember that talk i sit and rock back and forth and I remember how beautiful your voice was and I know that there is always something good to hold on for so there's been a million times that you said nothing that you didn't even know to listen for my tears a million times that you held me a million times that you were the only one with me and you didn't even have to know

it was … just …the colorado skys that I never saw...that voice

you are the one person no one knows about but me. My one and only secret.

for the rest of my life as long as i could find your hand in the dark I would be the richest girl in the world

the most that i have ever had in life...has come just in having you
and i haven't even held you yet
the idea of you beside me...breathing
it makes flowers want to grow out of my face

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