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columbian grind - poem

Friday, Aug. 30, 2002
columbian grind

and you said
do we taste good together?
like peanut butter and jelly
or am i like
on your chocolate cake?

i laughed
“icing is the stuff that people hate…”
“too sweet isn’t good, it’s the junk
that cavities learn about too late..”
you curved your
lips against my smile
laughing into my morning

all day today
all I can remember
is your puerto rican coffee lips
against my wet tongue

we taste good
sandwiched together
you taste like
spun candy fine
my teeth will ache
when I remember
your lips moving against
my sweet breathing rhyme
they’ll rot in my face
if I just think about
your baby haired fine stomach line
moving towards faded out blue
soap clean jeans
your barefeet
wet streets
grinding against
my avenues

then there’d be nothing
any dentist can fix
i’ll drum rotted teeth
gashing everything
because of you

you and your
slick black hair
sleepy eyed wicked smile
and your
sugar coated lines…
let me hold you
just let me hold you for awhile…

strong arms
and coffee drips
and I’ll be diabetic
if I remember your fingertips
on my sleepy hips

you just told me
nothing but the truth
the truth loud
and I’m running my tongue
against my fuzzy teeth
and my chapped lips
for just... "sometimes"
there are still smiles…


Have you ever just wanted someone to hold you? Just hold you and not ask you for anything and not ask you why you just need to feel like you are real and good and ok. Just to know that you matter for five minutes. That you are tangible and really alive? (8-29-02 entry)

and I found out that I am still alive
7:01 p.m. ::
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