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come september

Wednesday, Mar. 06, 2002

He’s a good mood kind of love. He’s happy go lucky on Tuesday talking about Mondays that number six. Like books full of words that never write away today’s realities. And explorers are entitled to upgrades that cause pop up windows full of new information that I can’t decipher, I lose at this game.

Ok so that above paragraph was my attempt at a metalheart’esque diary entry. *sigh* I can only wish to write like she does.

Here’s my true attempt…the only way I have ever been able to release my thoughts in full was to write this way….my way….interesting that we all have our own style…

Your Name

Nudity doesn’t bring slumber
Purity doesn’t breed clarity
Phone lines don’t tie me to love
And though I ache for nothing but peace
There is a piece always missing
A puzzle crooked above

A fragment caught in irises
Weeping while writing your name
A thousand ways
Backwards and forwards
Always writing a story
That remains sad and the same

Beautiful you are like silence
Breezes blowing with violence
And I’m caught in your flame
Burning like embers, a love
That we cherished before
We learned how to violate
The rules of the game

You are a moment…

If I stand within you
I wilt into insane

Touch me too long
Leave me screaming
Over and over
Like the whisper of your name


My lease is up in September…and I wonder where I’ll be in my life then….

Her eyes surrender
Her cry a crying shame
Coming undone
Is she ever gonna
Feel the same
She will run
She's gona drink the sun
Shining just for you
Instead of everyone
And so it goes
She'll stand alone
And try not to remember
Come September
Natalie Imbruglia
1:46 a.m. ::
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