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Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2004
Oh dear HP Gods…help me to learn about compression of digital photos…grrr…it only took me over an hour to get this picture UP here….all that time to upload, figure out, delete, keep, re-keep, save over, delete, download a free compression software called Formati11 that has a cool compression device…but hell from what I can tell I have to compress each picture individually??? (yes I’m pleading for help…from you smarter peeps out there)….argh…. There has got to be an easier way, one little button or command within the camera for smaller image size’s….I haven’t found it yet…..but alas….my Christmas tree….not to mention my dusty tv…lol
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

(it's still tooo large...)

My tree is white obviously with purple ornaments hanging from purple ribbons...and purple lights...
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

ohhh ahhh you say????

Now picture this...I’m going to bed and hopefully I’ll have much better luck getting things up in there… ;-) Thank god for perform on demand men!


Also...I'd love to have a new layout with a bigger viewing area and more places for links etc....any volunteers for designs?

Yes, that is the MAN's jacket layin' on the chair (he can't hang it in the closet because ALL OF MY CLOTHES are in there...teehee) And...no comments on the ugly chair...I know it's ugly...I gotta buy the man a kickass black leather office chair someday. :-) On a side note: chair is asserific therefore it has remained despite the fact that I have a chair that looks better but is asscrapular.
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