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convict boys- - poem

Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2002
Convict Boys

Convict boys
Have alphabet shoelaces
Bent over perfectly tied
Eyes with window shades
Pulled against the sun
Kisses cutting beautiful scars
They define “come undone”

Convict boys
Have bedroom eyes
That creep along the
Corners of the mind
Their speed relies
On racecar dreams
They hide inside
Too-tight Levis

Convict boys have
Evil thoughts that
Rip like cellophane
Through your pretty flesh
Hands full of wicked plans
Their dreams are always strings
Tied up with chaos coated pain

Convict boys
Fear no outside evil
There are no confines
To their ungodly thoughts
They have a pact with the devil
A bond completely bought

Convict boys can juggle
Red & blue flashing lights
They never have a moral struggle
Over rearview window
Troubled flights

Convict boys
Have quick hands
But they fondle hearts real slow
I don’t know how it happens
I think they sneak a little too close
To the weakest part you show

Convict boys
Never tell you
That they’re all bad for you
Someday you’ll be sure you know
You might notice your heart is gone
When you find yourself screaming


I know all about convict boys
I married one and so...
But he didn't tell me first
So I didn't always know!

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