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Tuesday, Feb. 05, 2002
I am almost voiceless today. I have a sore throat and I’m really cranky….so today is a mismash of trash….ohhhhhh my head hurts….*moan* I’m eating a bananna for breakfast and it hurts going down my inflamed throat…argh…

Some random current events….(you might miss something if you think this is gonna be a boring entry…


man decapitated yesterday
I got this email from BraN today….

BraN says….

Thought you may like a laugh. My dad is in SA at the mo and told me the monitor he was using at my grandparents house was a bit dodgy... read the transcript below to see how I thought it 'may' be resolved.

> -----Original Message----- (from his Dad)

> This monitor screen has gone all greenish yellow all over. I think its had > it!! I dont think iit is the setting but just that it is at the end of its > life. any ideas.?---------------------------------------------

"Brandon" wrote:

> either give it a bang on the side or turn it on and off.. look for a degauss > button and degauss it ie. de-magnetize it.. .this is usually in the monitors > settings somewhere (a button on the monitor lets u go into the settings). > Check also you dont have speakers or other magnets too close..this could > change colour too !

-----Original Message----- (from his Dad) u r amazing!! one bang on the side corrected the prob.!!! whayhay I should have gone to university too!! hehehe


“And if you can't be with the one you love, honey Love the one you're with”
Last night I found out that Crosby Stills and Nash give bad advice….(that’s all I’m gonna say)


I got my “Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds –Get Up and Get Started video tape yesterday. Last night I put it in the VCR and I made it through the entire 18 minutes of the workout. It was exactly like going for a mile. I rewound it and did it again. So that makes 2 miles. I’m gonna do that everyday. Soon enough I’ll rid myself of this “fat –ass” self-esteem problem. My butt, thighs and calves are sore today. As well as my upper shoulders. This is a good sign. He does nice things for me, if I get past the immediate reaction…


I ordered Shawna Kenney’s book and its not available for 3 to 6 months. Story of my life…


I finally saw “Moulin Rouge” on Saturday night. I’m glad I made it past the first horrible 15 minutes. I was thinking to myself “this sucks” and then once the love story started….I was all happy inside. *shrugs*


I finished reading “Swimming Sweet Arrow” by Maureen Gibbon last night. I think all girls should read this book. It was …I can’t even explain it. It was a quick easy read, but I think things about that book will stay with me for a very very long time.


Lynda just gave me Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine Orange Zest flavor. She’s the bomb!

I just saw this quiz thingie on synergy’s diary…

Seven Things That Make Me Laugh:

1) “Bucky” describing things he knows nothing about.
2) “him” in a mad mood
3) “him” in a good mood
4) My girl dog running to me when I say “outside” and running away when I say “bath?” (I make her go back and forth and back and forth….now that’s funny!)
5) Jim Carey
6) “Bucky’s” laugh.
7) “His” bad jokes…ie..the coffin joke.

Seven Things I Love:

1) Poetry
2) Massages
3) The Replacements playin’ in the dark.
4) Chocolate
5) Being a Mommy
6) Diamonds
7) Books

Seven Things I Hate:

1) Lies
2) Pain
3) Someone who pulls out a notebook full of crap 3rd grade poetry and says “I write too”
4) A scratch in a CD
5) A dirty car
6) Awesome diaries that rarely get updated.
7) Finding out a book I want is no longer available.

Seven Things I Plan to Do Before I Die:

1) Skydive
2) Helium Balloon Ride
3) Stay in love
4) Be happy
5) Watch “Bucky” grow up
6) See my name in neon lights
7) Find inner peace

Seven Things I Can Do:

1) Write poetry
2) Build friendships
3) Make killer chocolate chip cookies
4) Flirt like a pro
5) Articulate what I want
6) Stencil
7) Type VERY FAST!! (120-130 wpm)

Seven Things I Can't Do:

1) Math in my head.
2) Capture a screen shot. (This pisses me off too)
3) Design my own layout
4) Fix a car
5) Fake an orgasm
6) Fly a plane
7) Jog ten miles

Seven Famous People I Want to Meet:

1) Paul Westerberg
2) Tod Goldberg
3) Russell Crowe (thanks to ninepoems!)
4) Tommy Stinson (ex ‘Mat’s member)
5) Ryan Adams
6) Oprah Winfrey
7) Lisa Jewell

Seven Things I Say the Most:

1) as if
2) grrrrrr
3) ugh ugh ugh
4) let me ask you a question…
5) awwwww
6) I’m so stressed
7) Thank you for calling…. (work related..)

Ok my heads pounding so I’m gone…

How do you cool your skin after the warmest touch
How do you slow your blood after the body rush
How do you feel your soul after you've found a friend
How do you teach your heart it's a crime to fall in love again
Maybe you might have
Some advice to give
On how to be

-Jan Arden
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