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Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2005
If your interested in my grades that’s the previous entry. If my grades bore you, read this entry. :-)

I bought a wedding dress on Valentines Day. Yes, my Aunt DeDe was going to make my dress. But with the passing of her mother I cannot bring myself to expect such a thing from her. However, I am thinking of having her alter part of the design of the dress I bought. I have yet to speak to her about it, however if you want to see pictures of my dress, email me and I’ll provide you with a link to pictures.

Secondly, I have not gotten any Valentine’s Day present as of yet, because I’m waiting for the man to get his first paycheck since he got a big raise. This is ok with me as you must read the phrase “GOT A BIG RAISE” to understand that waiting is ok.

However, I was and still am a tad disappointed that he didn’t at least send me an E card….because those are free. ggrrrr

I do have to mention here that I can’t honestly be upset with him because I did something I am in retrospect mortified by. I bought the man a kitchen appliance for Valentines Day. He states that it’s the best VD present he’s ever received and sure he might be being sarcastic, but truth be known….I’m pretty sure that he at least likes it and has used it every single day since I gave it to him.

And it has all of these features….

• 12-cup
• Programmable clock/timer
• Brushed chrome accents
• Brewing Pause 'n Serve
• Removable filter basket
• 2-hour auto shut-off
• Special cleaning cycle
• Fresh brew timer
• Adjustable Temperature Warmer Plate
• Brew Strength Selector
• Water filtration
• Stainless steel shower head
• Dual water windows
• Cord storage
• On/Off indicator light

And it’s pretty…
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I got him something else too, even though he said, “no..no…no” I kept saying, “yes..yes…oh yes….”

He also has something coming in the mail that he knows NOTHING about. (yah sure he reads this...about every 4 or 5 days...so I have time.)
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