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Wednesday, Dec. 01, 2004
A few nights ago while watching TV a commercial came on about a movie that will be on NBC, CBS or some such network cable channel. The commercial stated “based on the bestselling novel by…” and the man very nonchalantly asked me “Was that book any good?” or he may have said, “Did you read that book?” However he worded it, it was stated in such a way as to show that he assumed that naturally I had read it as I own over 500 books and surely this was one of them.

Ironically, I had of course heard of the book, but for whatever reasons never gravitated towards it. I personally think it was the boring ass cover on the poor book that made it look wretchedly uninteresting. I’m not big on TV movies, however I thought it was very very little boy style charming that my man assumes I am the reader extraordinaire and know all books and have read all words. Sooo..I stopped at my favorite used book store close to Job #1 and they had a brand new copy of the book staring me in the face. So I bought it. And I read it later that day, that day being yesterday, for a little over an hour while on my lunch break. Yes, I extended my own lunch benefit by ten minutes because I was so enthralled by this book.

I then went home after a long day at both jobs and spent the next two hours or so reading. I was up until 1 a.m. and save for running the bath water and swashbuckling back some rather stale and raisin poor in abundance cereal, I read. And I read. And I read, until 1 a.m. About two hours. So in 3 hours I read this book. And after 3 hours of almost non-stop reading unless forced to, I fell in love with this novel enough to think I might and should and just probably will gift it to someone this year for Christmas. Sure it’s a feel good book, a “you should buy it because it was a bestseller novel” book. Sure sure…but damn it, it had me hooked. I was there like a dead fish not caring that I was yanked from the water of my normalcy. I was all over it like mayo on a ham sandwich.

So, “what the fuck was the book???”, you say by now.

I thought it was “Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom” and so I bought it.

Boring horrific cover art, great interior wordage. Was I forever changed by this book. Hell no! If I were, I wouldn’t be typing swear words left and right right now. But there were things in that book that will remain.

So now I come to find out that this same author wrote another book called “The Five People you Meet in Heaven” which is actually the movie we saw the commercial for, yah I’m a dimwit aren’t I? And damn it anyhow. Now I have to invest another 2 to 3 hours to the right one. ;-)


P.S. I love you R, for assuming I’m all that in the book reading world. I just couldn’t NOT read it after that. So, you wanna watch this probably crappy rendition of a Television version of the book I still didn’t read with me? The movie is showing on ABC on December 5th, that’s this Sunday! And NO, no one’s paying me to promote anything…too bad. I now need $14.93 to buy the right book before Sunday night and another 3 hours or so to read it…grr… It's a "hallmark" movie...that's as bad as "lifetime tv" ish.

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