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Tuesday, Feb. 05, 2002
I got some real criticism today on a poem I posted online Right here… Different Rain Hmm… I can handle constructive criticism. I just wish I really gave a fuck what anyone else had to say. Art is so subjective and so is poetry. I mean where is the rights and the wrongs of it all? I just don’t want to believe that there is a wrong in poetry. Of course I myself have read some things and said to myself “oh no now that is just wrong!” But….I think my point is that I write for me. I just write to write…I just do my thing. I should probably care what people think, but I just don’t. If I did I would be trying to please every one else. Then what would I be writing for? Someone else? FUCK THAT!

By the way thanks Mad Prophet for always reading everything I write and lying to me that its all good. *wink*

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