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Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005

Today was a day where nothing clicked and I almost lost my patience with the world, however all that ends surely ends and in that ending I find peace.


I have to drive to Tampa in the morning for an all company meeting.I rather like those meetings because you get to see everyone and give kudoís to co-workers.Those are fun things if you ask me.


This week has felt extra long though and I canít even pinpoint why.


I did manage to straighten up the home tonight and while itís not perfect I am trying harder to keep a handle on it on a daily basis instead of feeling overwhelmed on the weekends to get it all cleaned up.Itís hard because we probably own too much stuff for the space we have.My books might be the biggest culprits of the problem.


Hereís a list of the most recently obtained in no particular order.


The Arms of God - Lynn Hinton


The Pyscho Ex Game - Merrill Markoe & Andy Prieboy


Ursula, Under - Ingrid Hill


Imaginary Men - Anjali Banerjee


The Art of Uncontrolled Flight - Kim Ponders


Tales from the Scale - Erin J. Shea


A garden in paris - Stephanie Grace Whitson


The Mercy of Thin Air - Ronlyn Domonigue


The Method Actors - Carl Shuker


Snow - Orhan Pamuk


The Good Patient - Kristin Waterfield Duisberg


I'll go to bed at Noon - Gerard Woodward


Painless Algebra -Barrons


Martha Inc - Christopher Byron


Finding your own North Star - Martha Beck


Oh the Glory of it All - Sean Wilsey


All that Matters - Jan Goldstein


Wicketts Remedy - Myla Goldberg


My Backwards Life - Cindi Myers


Eating Heaven - Jennie Shortridge


Revenge of the Paste Eaters - Cheryl Peck


Disturbances in the Field - Lynne Sharon Schwartz


The Executioners Song - Norman Mailer


Transgressions - Sarah Dunant


All on a Mardi Gra Day - Reid Mitchell


First Love - Adrianne Sharp



Must go read my syllabus and sketch out my future school days.*sigh*

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