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c. the happiness

Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2006
I’m tired
I’m cranky
I arrived at work this morning feeling both

And then I got an email from my pal Carla…that read

From: Carla
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 7:38 AM
To: Kristy
Subject: Morning!
Guess where I am? I'm in the U.S. of A again. Yep, in Toledo, with Tim. I was taking a week off from work and he invited me down here with him while he works. So I'm just hanging out. Doing some shopping for the summer. Relaxing. Good weather too, so I might go for a walk later. I"m not getting in as much walking as I'd like to. Or need to for that matter.

What's up with you lately?


And now I am not so tired and cranky. I am rejuvenated by her happiness.

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