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Wednesday, Jul. 16, 2003
Look at this sweet email I just got from Rick.

No let me set something straight!!!!!

You still have free access to your son but you

choose not to. You could pick him up everyday

from daycare, and spend time with him. But you

don't. why why. I don't understand. Has far as

having all male freinds, you're a tomboy. Hmmm

am I close to the truth. I bet you don't post this on

your dairy????? Which is BULLSHIT!!!!!!

You're not a smartass. Your a BITCH!!!!

It's funning that you never started to have any

memory lost until we found out that it was a side

affect of zoloft. HHMMMMM!!!!!!

i can't believe i am stupping to your level

I guess the new drug is clinical depression.

I think you should get a second opinion!!!!

I am going to let you pick up the dog shit

since you choose not to help in walking the

dog or bye bye dog!!!!!

My reply…

I cannot pick him up everyday from daycare. That is not true. The ex’s girlfriend picks him up before I even get out of work. I am not a tomboy, my friends are all male because I don’t trust women. I did post it on my diary so kiss off. You’re bullshit. You say you love me, how can I believe this??? Look at the things you say to me. I can never find anything, not my keys, not my stuff, if you asked ex he’d say the same thing. I think you are confused about my memory loss. I do not remember the stupid shit you bring up to me because you always choose to bring it up days later instead of at the moment.

The new drug is clinical depression? That’s rich coming from you and your little tin box. Why do you have a love affair with that?

I pick up the dog shit every day. You’re too lazy and apparently it doesn’t bother you to see or smell dog shit when you’re in bed all day.

It’s spelled “stooping” not stupping. It’s friends not freinds as well.

I’m glad we got all of this straightened out. You can buy the groceries yourself, ride your bike every night and have fun doing your OWN laundry as well.

I don’t believe my boyfriend called me a bitch. Unreal…..you know, I chose to trust someone again, I was wrong I guess…once again.

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