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Thursday, Apr. 07, 2005
Unofficially, I have the position. I am the chosen one by the Director of Operations. They will not be interviewing me. He knows who he wants. Officially I have told the ex husband that my hours are changing and he’s so thrilled about this that he called the school district for me to inquire about bus stops etc and turns out that my son can ride the bus. Something he’s wanted to experience for longer than I can recall.

Furthermore, I will be spending a week over training with someone across the bay who does the job there and then I will be doing said position back here.

My supervisor remains the same, and her boss remains the same. I just received a phone call whereby I was informed by her that her boss (my boss also…stay with me) had nothing but amazing wonderful things to say about me and my detail oriented dedication to the company.

Awwwwww bosses….aren’t they grand when they love ya?

Lastly, I will be informing my son within hours…I can’t wait….he’ll be so happy. I think I am going to see if Rick and I can’t get his nephew Sean to come stay over with us for those same weeks so that my son and Sean can resume being best buds once again. All is well.

To all you naysayers....BWAH HA HA HA....a little effort and all is organized...oh and did I mention...I still get my education for free...new job.....new opportunities.....I am the new A.C. Nice.....
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