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Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2002
It’s bad to be clinically depressed.
It’s worse to have a long list of things currently happening that are depressing.
How does a depressed person cope with a depressing life?

Long list

1. the pussy car I’m driving has a tire dying to die
2. I have $0 til Friday
3. husband will get his “emergency” loan check on Friday when he gets his commission check and his paycheck and I get my paycheck
4. on Friday we’ll have thousands of dollars
5. the whole situation with Mad
6. the conversation last night…
7. we “technically” have no electricity
8. this morning when I drove out of the driveway, the water company truck pulled in, I presume to turn the water off ;-(
9. I currently have no car insurance
10. I have a traffic violation ticket for $80 due on October 1st
11. “Bucky” has no lunch money on his school account and so he’s pissed at me cause he has to eat the “bad” lunch they are required by law to give him
12. I have no lunch money and will starve the rest of the week
13. I have to tell co-workers I’m out of the football poll this week because I can’t afford the entry fee…how embarrassing?
14. I took my “American Psycho” book that I was midway reading back last night for the refund money for gas.
15. they want to repo the marshmallows, I make sure I’m not home til after they’re closed
16. then there’s Mad, that situation just makes me ache all over…
17. add to all of this…a migraine
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