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Dear Santa ..again my friend

Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2004
Yah ok so I’m at WORK again. Is it starting to sound repetitive and as if all I do is work. Good, then my diary is reality based. :-) However, things are festive, things are all looking up and I AM feeling grand. Sure, it’s ice and not snowing in Virginia where they want snow, but here in FL it’s beautiful. It’s cooler than normal and it’s been actually quite frigidly cold lately, but not today. Today there was a high of 70, yet my fellow coworkers were all in high spirits. Tonight we had 8 students scheduled for one class and 4 arrived. I’m babysitting a building for 4 students. Gah, but alas…the man and I have company coming tonight and my lame non-poker knowing how to play ass is about to learn. Yup…eventually. Problem is every time I sit down and try to learn how to play the drinking begin’s and I’m too hazy to learn much of anything and so I just do what I’m told and drink some more to alleviate the “I feel stupid for not knowing how the hell to play Poker!” feelings.

Someone inadvertently said that I am on an upswing. Ahhh nice ….nice that other’s can sense this. Sure I still have my bad days, but they are not suicidal and I usually catch myself falling and say “hey self, we both know this is the insanity talking, lets pretend to be normal here and then my other self answers and says, “yes self, you are brilliant in noticing just how fucked up we are and avoiding the pitfalls of fuckdom.” Ahhh yes, but I am sane now. Right…right??? I caaaan’t hear you….

I recently found the blog of a mother of a friend of mine. Yah ok read that sentence again. lol Anyway, it was the cutest damn blog I’ve read in a long time and she referred to said friend of mine in a cute way so I mentioned it to friend and told friend I liked mom’s blog. I got an email back telling me that mom is currently a little off due to her cancer treatments and I should take what she says with a grain of sand, in fact a few thousand grains of sand is what was said. Either way, this totally cracked me up because who the hell actually reads a blog for anything but entertainment purposes. Face it, we don’t read blogs that are boring, mundane, aesthetically ugly or boring. And of course we like pictures….we ohhh ahhh over pictures. (Reason #245,697,920 that I need a good digital camera once and for all….imagine the success rate of my diary if I had that….yes self it would be amazing I tell me) To be quite honest it doesn’t matter a lick to me if friend’s mom is totally full of total b.s. I just like to be entertained. I have read books that were less entertaining. Sure she didn’t write about the earth shaking or the world ending or anything drastic, but hell, who cares if she said someone dressed up like a pilgrim for Thanksgiving and that’s not at all true. Ok so maybe friend doesn’t want me to imagine them as a pilgrim costume toting lunatic, but hell that would be entertaining to think about. Ahhh ….what’s the harm really? Self and I don’t get it. We just like insane blogs perhaps? (note to sane readers: laughter is the best medicine for us crazies…)

In other news, the kiddo is coming for Christmas. Yes he sure is. He’s with me all weekend in fact and I can’t wait at all. Simply caaaan’t wait. And the man, he got a bonus from work and is doing well there and so I perhaps might score me some more bling bling. He says I’ll never have enough bling bling…he’s so smart that man.

Outside of being at work and being pysched to get up out of here, I have nothing else to say except…Merry Christmas to everyone that reads my diary for whatever reasons. And to those of you that have always been a kind word in the blank page of the Internet…thanks.

One last quick note…

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I want these things…

1. I want captainron to get a job. I want it to be a GOOD job too. Pretty please….
2. I want shortst101 to have a thousand reasons to be happy and a million reasons to smile.
3. I want rapunzal to write more often, we, (me and my self) miss her, but we know it’s only because she’s happy these days so we don’t complain much.
4. Please give cosmic and her wonderful man lots of health and good will and plenty of family moments to swell their hearts this year.
5. I want e-nymph to find that one and only one that will make her mind tingle as well as all her other body parts. ;-)
6. Please send galaxyrabbit lots of stuffed animals, cups of hot cider and more time with her man….lots of the latter please…
7. grlscout needs a nice shiny smile to put on every single day for a new reason….365 reasons to smile about the new day….yah..that’d be a perfect gift for her. Oh and steal away all her guilt while you’re down her chimney please…
8. I think you’re almost there for my girl chickpea981, but please for fucks sake (and I mean that) make sure she’s got love and hot sex TOO. Not one without the other….oh and send her a card that tells her how great I think she is too.
9. Please and double please with lots of sugar, send my best pal, mad-prophet everything in the world. He deserves it and then some, and lots of hugs from me, because I can’t give them to him. Send the pretty elves to do that part..mmm k?
10. Give livingwreck 52 more new awesome books to read, and a “squirter” for his down time.
11. Please send fuzzy-grey lots more awesome moments with Chewie and her husband too.
12. Cassie needs …well Cassie has most everything any little girl could want so for Cassiopeia, please send her an angel to keep her safe, I internet love that little girl and that’s all I want for her. Oh and for her parents, a few nights where she magically sleeps all night and goes right to bed without asking for a drink or a potty break. :-) Oh and NOOOOO more hurricanes.
13. Please send Devian a hot “toy” and a perfect night with his man to share his toy playing with. And a hug from me, cause I have a crush on his gay ass. :-)
14. Please send casperwoo something to cheer casper up…casper needs more HAPPY!
15. Please send manda-d lots of funny moments with her children, lots more cuddles with her man, and a houseful of happiness and good health and well being for yet another year….and then some!!
16. I wish for love, understanding, job security, and lots of marital harmony for the lostinmylove household and please oh please send some wings for those babys, that’s all those angels are missing right now, the actual wings.
17. Please send superkc some more time to write…heck I miss her too.
18. And almost last but certainly in my heart not at all least, please oh please Santa and all the Santa gods and goddesses, please send Meredith at less-than-3 everything in the world a true princess struggling with depression deserves, like lots of clearcut paths to take, and lots of pots of gold at the end, and a few dozen hugs and kisses from moi’ I love me some Meredith…and I don’t mean that in the gayness sort of way at all Santa.
19. And lastly, please send everyone else on my favorites list peace, goodwill and all that other Christmas’ie jazz.

Oh and Santa, please send Chloe a visit from Chewie perhaps, or at least a Kong and a huge huge hug from Mom, thank you baby for licking away so many of Mommy's tears this year. And Santa...
because my man at home tolerates my diary addiction, please give him everything and anything he wants and keep him safe, I'll keep him warm because I love him, oh and he's the only present I need. :-)


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