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dear jess....

Thursday, Mar. 28, 2002

How can you go from David kissing your bruised and broken self, telling him that you've met David (to make him jealous?), then back to your husband's bed and have it all be ok?

It’s called pure confusion….you’ve never been confused Jess? Weren’t you the girl that had an abortion even though you say you love the father?

I don't understand. If you DID love your husband and that is TRULY where you wanted to be, then why would a complete stranger off the Net, kissing your hands, mean anything to you.

It meant something to me because it was a nice gesture and I was battered and bruised and needed someone to be kind to me.

Shouldn't the fact that another man's lips have touched you make you completely sick?

on my hands? C’mon!!!

What is life about, c'mon. Is nothing true and special and sacred?

Yes children are special and sacred. I should know, I have one.

I hate it sometimes. Also, what about all those people who sent you 'gifts' for YOUR new apartment? Aren't they going to be a bit pissed that you are now back w/your husband and basically just used them?

One person sent me money. He did not feel comfortable giving me his address, and so I donated $100 to the church in their fight against abortion.

I dunno about you.

No Jess….I really don’t know about YOU!!!!! And Josh...sorry but I had to pack...sorry you can't understand that life has it's problems....
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