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delboy phone call

Monday, Jul. 08, 2002
I spoke to Delboy. He’s got a broken everything basically.
The conversation went something like this:

“Hey don’t do that again.” – me

“um..ok” – him

“promise?” – me

“yeah I promise” – him

“are you ok?” – me

“yeah there’ll be lots of therapy but I’m ok” – him

“ya know I love you right?” – me

“yeah I know” – him

“I’m just glad I could tell you that” – me (crying)

“I love you too” – him

Note to creep who likes to make phone calls: Husband knows I love Delboy. Husband knows Delboy’s my friend. Husband wants to send Delboy a get well package. You don’t have to call him and tell him. Note to self: this all sucks…all of it. None of that phone call made me happy.
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