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Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005

Long entry so if you bore easy….fair warning.Today I posted my first assignment and it was “Post your Personal BIO”.This is what I wrote.

My name is Kristy ******* and I am very fortunate to be an employee of ***** *******, Inc., which is the company that is behind the University of ********, and also happens to be a great company to work for. Officially I work in the ### #### Department and I serve as the Student Services Coordinator for the learning center in FL.  In this role I get to see first hand the inner workings of one of the many University’s onsite learning centers, as well as interact with students and faculty on a daily basis.This interaction serves as a great inspiration to me as an individual.

I have been employed with them since September 2004.  Prior to beginning my employment with them I had many years of work experience in the administrative assistant world, a role that allowed me to gather many diverse skills and experiences, and yet left me with a distinct understanding that without further education I was professionally at a standstill.

I have enrolled online as my work hour’s conflict with our onsite courses.In addition, my decision to enroll online was made in part because I consider myself to be computer savvy and felt it would be a good experience for me, as well as provide me with more insight for students who inquire about our online courses.

I have many hobbies; I once read 52 books in a year just to prove that it could be done.It can be!I also write poetry and fiction and lyrics for local bands.I like to spend my free time at the beach with my son talking about anything he chooses.

Yes, I am a divorced mother of a 12 year old son for whom I share custody of with his father.   I have moved on happily since the divorce and now have a fiancé and plans to marry again in the fall of 2005.  I am a relatively young parent as he is 12 and I am 34.  I did not have the option to attend college in my earlier years and now I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to begin a new phase in my life and my biggest supporter is my son and therefore my biggest aspiration is to serve as a great role model for him. 

I am looking forward to expanding my horizons as well as my way’s of thinking and learning and growing as a person, but my biggest motivation remains looking forward to showing my son his Mom’s diploma.


To answer a question I received about my degree program…

Bachelor of Science in Business – Management

1. GEN 300

Skills for Professional Development

2. MGT 330

Management: Theory, Practice, and Application

3. MGT 331

Organizational Behavior

4.MGT 350

Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

5. RES 341

Research and Evaluation I

6. RES 342

Research and Evaluation II

7. CIS 319

Computers and Information Processing

8. MGT 434

Employment Law

9, ECO 360

Economics for Business I

10.MGT 431

Human Resources Management

11.FIN 324

Financial Analysis for Managers I

12. FIN 325

Financial Analysis for Managers II

13.MKT 421


14. MKT 438

Public Relations

15.MGT 448

Global Business Strategies

16. MGT 449

Quality Management and Productivity



18.GEN 480

Interdisciplinary Capstone Course

18 classes that last 5 weeks long each.That is 90 weeks long.Approximately 2 years.2 years of my life…..towards a goal.This goal reminds me of the words a very good friend told me long ago…

Kristy I know its gonna be tough for you for awhile. And when you reach the end atleast you’ll be able to find your smile again. When you finally move out of that house, you can kiss away your ball and chain. You won’t have anyone telling you what to do or someone secretly watching you. Kristy you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night all in tears, depressed about your life. Instead you can wake and smile with the sunshine. Thank God for a beautiful day. Live life to the fullest. Take the time you need just for yourself. Always remain loyal to your goals. Use each day to create your dreams into reality. Kristy someday you’ll be finding yourself looking at clear skys at night. Watching the stars above while laying in the arms of the man you love.

I have COMPLETE confidence in you Kristy!


-Oct 2001

Someday?Yes….I have to say a lot of things have changed since Oct 2001.“HE” knew a thing or two..but don’t tell him I said so.


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