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diamonds are just memories (poem)

Thursday, Sept. 05, 2002
I took my wedding rings off to put hand lotion on. I tend to leave them off laying on my desk on my mouse pad. Lately rings have just felt constricting. I came out of the restroom and my rings were gone. Now what exactly am I talking about. A one carat 14 kt gold marquee solitaire husband bought me at our 5th year wedding anniversary, a wedding band/engagement ring set (replaced after the sunroof incident) and a heart shaped ring that has diamonds embedded in it that husband gave me last Christmas. I hunted high and low, but never said anything to my coworkers because sometimes I take my rings off at my home pc and leave them on that mouse pad. I figured I’d wig out if and only after they weren’t there.

Five minutes ago a coworker asked me, “aren’t you missing anything?” I said, “uh..yeah my rings…I thought I brought them but..heyyyyyyyyyy do you know where they are??” He went and got them out of Unger’s desk drawer. “Yeah he called and told me to give em back to you..you were supposed to freak out about not having them and we were supposed to have something to laugh about.”

My first reply without thought, “they’re just wedding rings.”

Now truthfully…how sad is that? This is an old poem…but I was just reminded of it…

Diamonds are just memories

The silence has returned
To my moments of drama
A newfound strength
In my long tormented karma
New relief is now served
From my silver spoon
Unbuttoned the old closure
To find a golden lined moon
The love I believe in
Has made life prints on my hand
I tried before and failed
It was akin to escaping sand
Blind faith now flows in each vein
Closing my eyelids I can believe
There is an emotion not fueled by pain
Sleeping on pink skies only I can retrieve
My love for you is engraved in the sky for years
Ill drift forever on this juxtaposition
Where diamonds are just memories of my tears

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