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Tuesday, May. 28, 2002
While I should be sleeping I’m having this insanely funny conversation with a man about to get laid…I changed his name to protect the guilty…and about the husband cheating….I suspect…don’t know for sure…maybe it’s me being insecure…not letting go of bad memories….who knows anymore…and I’m just strangeness at 1:30 a.m….and he'd never tell me this stuff if he was here....and I'm not whitist or racist...or anything like that...take a joke...

PoeticaL: are you moved yet?

Who am I?: not arrived.

PoeticaL: where are you?

Who am I?: at friends in georgia.

PoeticaL: ahhh

PoeticaL: not even halfway

Who am I?: some d-land girl who's helping me wash away (*&@&

Who am I?: tee hee.

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: you're kidding

PoeticaL: you're at some diaryland girls house and it's not mine?

PoeticaL: well...FUCK

Who am I?: nope. YOU have a husband.

Who am I?: she has bourbon.

PoeticaL: I have a cheat

PoeticaL: there is a difference

Who am I?: still cheating?

PoeticaL: he is

PoeticaL: yeah

PoeticaL: not I

Who am I?: i know

PoeticaL: but I always get the shit about it

PoeticaL: like it's my fault

PoeticaL: I think he's got a sex addiction

Who am I?: you need to cut him loose and be done with it

Who am I?: (#!*@&* will be back in 10 minutes ..she's in teh shower then i have to go be a nice guest. ;-) )

PoeticaL: need...and can...are 2 different things

PoeticaL: lol well enjoy the bourbon

Who am I?: i'm pretty positive it will be more than that.

PoeticaL: kewlness

PoeticaL: have at it

PoeticaL: she likes ya?

Who am I?: she';s always had a tiny crush

PoeticaL: well get the fuck off the computer then!!!

Who am I?: she's showering

Who am I?: i need to check my maps

PoeticaL: go get yourself in position...

PoeticaL: check the breath.....fix the hair...ya know...

Who am I?: i'm not going to engineer anything, if it happens it happens.

Who am I?: i'm good to go on all three

PoeticaL: ok....

PoeticaL: do you want it to happen?

Who am I?: she's white..so i dont know.

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: you don't sleep with white girls?

Who am I?: haven't (except a handful of exceptions) in two or three years

PoeticaL: there's nothing wrong with white girls

PoeticaL: grrrrrrrrrrrr

Who am I?: but i like ethnic girls, as a general rule , i guess.

PoeticaL: sideways pussy?

PoeticaL: you are a whitist

PoeticaL: white+racist

PoeticaL: ???

Who am I?: haha

Who am I?: no, i just am attracted to certain types i guess.

PoeticaL: nope

PoeticaL: that's it

PoeticaL: that does it

PoeticaL: you're a whitist

PoeticaL: ;-)

PoeticaL: I'm just kidding ya know

PoeticaL: <----mumbles under her breath... "men suck....some cheat...some are whitist's...I'm goin gay"

PoeticaL: you just dont like vertical vagina!

Who am I?: it's just fine on the asian girls.

Who am I?: perfect skin

Who am I?: small hips

Who am I?: don't get me started

PoeticaL: lol....take a joke...already

Who am I?: hehe

Who am I?: i mean get me started and all excited

PoeticaL: I personally think this conversation is very funny

PoeticaL: well if you are excited thinking about ethnic girls and you then sleep with a white girl....is that like having a kkk meeting on martin luther king day?

Who am I?: i have alot of pent up sexual frustration to deal with

PoeticaL: ohhh so you're gonna use her to let go of frustration?

PoeticaL: that's fine...just so she's aware and doesn't care

Who am I?: not going to use her. =)

PoeticaL: maybe she's planning on using you!!!

Who am I?: we're close friends...and she knows i have a "girls i've banged off diaryland quota" to meet.

PoeticaL: maybe she really wants a black guy in bed ..if she turns out the lights.....then you know!

PoeticaL: OMG you're too funny

Who am I?: shes getting more makers

Who am I?: mark

PoeticaL: for what?

Who am I?: because she wants me to braid her hair

PoeticaL: I can't bear to hear anymore about your kinky freakness

Who am I?: har har

Who am I?: liar

PoeticaL: I'm a liar?

PoeticaL: seriously I can't bear to hear this....I'm not getting laid...

Who am I?: you have a boy right there

PoeticaL: a boy? yeah...I need a MAN!!!!!!!!

PoeticaL: I'm gonna go braid my hair and find some batteries...don't tell me about your kinky stuff anymore, you're gonna fuck up my masturbation schedule

Who am I?: daily 2x?

PoeticaL: daily not 2x

PoeticaL: that's a long shower she's taking

Who am I?: she went to get makers mark

PoeticaL: too excited to type right?

Who am I?: i wont get any sleep

PoeticaL: sad thing is neither will I

PoeticaL: have fun...drive safely and wear a condom

PoeticaL: she might have a diaryland quota to meet too

Who am I?: i always do

PoeticaL: I'm out

Who am I?: bye you

PoeticaL: right in this very moment.....I think you suck...but I'll get over it

Who am I?: well..

Who am I?: i am going to try for an all nighter

Who am I?: since she was nice enough to let me stay over.

PoeticaL: geez...now I totally hate you

PoeticaL: I have pussy envy or something

Who am I?: blame (*(@&

PoeticaL: I cant, I dont' know her..

Who am I?: every single time i was with her, we went all night....and i never came once with her that's FUCKING FRUSTRATING

PoeticaL: you never came?

PoeticaL: ok in that case...go fuck white girl with a vengeance and forget everything i said about you being a whitist.....close your eyes...pretend she's anyone....just go get yours

PoeticaL: know what's strange?

Who am I?: but i wont pretend

PoeticaL: you'd never tell me this shit if you knew me for real

Who am I?: i like her, she's a good friend..and im comfortable and feel safe with her

Who am I?: sure i would....i'm not that different than how i write.

PoeticaL: that's kewl...I'm going to bed before you kick me to the curb so you can go "get some"

PoeticaL: I can't take that....lol

Who am I?: sure thing..she should be back soon

Who am I?: bye now!

PoeticaL: bye

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