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Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2002
ok I debated about posting this cause it makes me look like some sort of sex fiend..but..címon itís funny.

me: my lips are chapped from my vinyl stuff
me: they hurt
t: I got a cure for that
me: dickbalm?
t: yep
t: LOL
me: i can't believe I said that
t: why not
me: it just came to mind and I had to type it
t: I am goin to post it ok
me: i don't care..
me: thats' pretty funny
t: it will be like an ad..
me: lol
t: Try "T's" dickbalm for those dry lips
me: lol
me: i'm sorry
me: I shouldn't have said that
t: whynot..
t: it was kool
me: i don't know
me: it just came to mind and I typed it before i thought
t: so
t: that is ok
me: ok...
me: just one of those things

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