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distance (poem)

Monday, Oct. 28, 2002

you said
you can be a good girl and steal
you just have to realign your morals

I said we’d be going on "text theft" runs and getting high
Indulging in oral sex until our private flesh was raw
I don't drink chai without thinking about you
Especially when it’s psuedo chai
And there are no roots of evil,
No real leftover truths
Just empty cups and swollen thoughts
a photograph, a black and white picture
we're missing the 25 cent booth

welsh and spinach and patchouli
chai and rain and nitzche and
and quotes and quotes and quotes
like leaves on trees with too many limbs
for me to ever embrace close
this and this you are all of this

everytime I go somewhere where
used words pile up awaiting time
to yellow them old
I wish all wants were nameless
Then I’d have everything
And so would you

disagree like you always do
Its that ‘only you’ thing that pushes my thoughts
Tight and hard up against mental walls

“you never realize a want until you can put a name to it
i think you can want without a name for that want
i just think, to realize you have that want, you have to have a name for it”

it is your name

“you still have it even if it goes on undiscovered”

i know where it is, i find it only when we connect

You are a beautiful moment that never finds a way
To stay too long
Just when my mind is wet and you are there coming closer
When the distance is something your emotional presence makes me forget

You are gone too quickly

Too far away

My only regret.

I really need a boy like you to be my man

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