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Wednesday, Jul. 05, 2006
I truly LOVE being a student. Outside of being a mother, this experience has been so joyful and rewarding and difficult and challenging and mind numbing and heart wrenching but oh so amazing. Today I got feedback that was just...well it was just very nice to get. It’s not often that I pat myself on the back, but sometimes I stop and remind myself “I am doing this college thing…..not just doing it but I’m really doing a bang up awesome job of it too….” (save for math but that’s a whole other nightmare….) This was a Cultural Diversity course. I loved it. LOVED it. Perhaps because I love diversity, I’m so open minded and non-judgmental.

Feedback/Score from my paper from my professor:

I was interested in reading about your experiences in this paper. Your thoughts were well stated and defended well. It is clear from your paper that you were able to incorporate the week’s readings into your thoughts. For four weeks, we have discussed the diverse workplace and your paper(s), this one included have shown a clear understanding of the material. I got the sense from reading that you enjoyed this assignment. Your performance indicated as much.

10 points/10 points

My response:

Regarding your comments. I have greatly enjoyed this course. I strongly considered some sort of counseling or psychiatry courses in the past. I enjoy understanding and studying human behavior as a whole. I am often told by friends and family that they will send me money for my therapy services. Somehow I can disconnect my personal feelings about someone and look at them with a fresh eye when it comes to issues. Issues and people’s traits are two different things. I can do this at work too. I can examine a person’s behavior and often get to the key problem even though other’s get stuck on the behavior not the cause of it.

Diversity issues are basic human issues in my mind. I have enjoyed this course immensely as I have others in the past. However, I must tell you that I have really enjoyed the way you have been involved and you’ve tasked people to expound on their ideas and thoughts rather than dribble out a mindless answer just to meet the requirements.

I believe that the more you give of yourself the more you receive in return when it comes to education. I find that my biggest challenges have been with grammar usage. I wish there were a COMMA’S 101 course entirely. I would certainly struggle but I would be the better for it. :-) I greatly appreciate your timely feedback as it helps motivate and sustain the interaction so greatly needed in an online forum.

I’ve seen faculty in the past do the bare minimum and I always try to challenge them but I can tell you have a strong moral fiber and do a great job because you truly wish to be doing what it is that you are doing. My experiences at (college name) by and large as a student and as an employee have been greatly enriched by those just like you.

Thanks for 5 weeks of challenge, enjoyment and thought provoking commentary. If I knew who your boss was I’d be sending them this Kudo’s as well !!

Best Regards,
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