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Thursday, Jul. 20, 2006
Dear Ovaries,

In less than an hour I will be talking about you with the doctor. Iíve not had much discussion with anyone about you before, at least not all the gory details. I want you to know that no matter what we speak about I will always be grateful to both of you for my son.

I will try not to get angry, excited, etc. But I am human and my brain and my heart may not abide by my own wishes. Organs are tricky like that, they act of their own accord with or without my consent.

I am scared, but thatís because I am a complicated human with so very many functions. I know that some things cannot be controlled, tears during a funeral and hugs during a wedding.

I am prepared to go to work after I speak to the doctor, however Iím also prepared to take the day off if need be, so that I can regroup and rethink who I am if I need to find a new way to think about myself.

I will never hate you, even if youíve taken an early retirement or youíre just not able to work the long hours that you once did. Please donít take it personally if I canít control the incontrollable human emotion. Please don't give up on me, even if I may feel I have given up on you.


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